Over 250 degrees earned through the One Family Scholars program.

One Family Scholars have an average GPA of 3.2.

The One Family Scholars Program

One Family Scholars is a comprehensive college scholarship program that breaks the cycle of poverty and family homelessness for low-income single parents. The One Family Scholars program values higher education as the surest pathway to family self sufficiency. With the skills and experience gained from their tenure in the program, One Family Scholars become role models for their children, providing them with the foundation for a stable life.


Building Blocks For Success

Our scholarship includes a last-dollar tuition scholarship, funds for books/supplies, and a small incentive-based stipend. However, unlike traditional scholarship programs that focus solely on tuition assistance, the One Family Scholars model also includes comprehensive coaching and counselling focused on four building blocks for success:


College Success + Financial Success + Career Success + Leadership Success


Our unique approach helps Scholars to earn their degree as quickly and efficiently as possible, while minimizing the amount of education debt they incur, so they can enter the workforce and secure family-sustaining employment in their field.

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Am I Eligible?

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